Participants of the 2015 AESOP PhD workshop will be lectured and mentored by following main tutors:

Susan Baker

Prof. Baker has a multidisciplinary background (economics, philosophy and political science) and speaks several European languages. She has studied and worked in several countries, including Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA. Her research has been primarily of a collaborative and interdisciplinary nature, involving project partnerships in Europe and North America. She is particularly interested in the environmental policy in high consumption societies and in societies in transition in Eastern Europe.

Benjamin Davy

Benjamin Davy is a professor of land policy, land management, and municipal geoinformation at the School of Spatial Planning (TU Dortmund University). His research interests are planning theory, property, border studies, and the relationship between social policy, human rights, and land policy (also see www.bodenpolitik.de and www.floorgroup.de). Among his publications in English are "Essential Injustice" (1997) and "Land Policy" (2012). Ben Davy is President of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR).

Izabela Mironowicz

Prof. Mironowicz works at the Department of Spatial Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology. Her interests focus on urban development and urban transformations. She works on simulations of urban growth using mathematical models. She also works as an urban planner (local plans, development plans, regeneration plans, strategies) and an expert both for public and private sector. She is a Secretary General of the Association of European Schools of Planning and a Secretary of Commission on Architecture and Town Planning in Wroclaw. She is also a member of the Task Force for Planning Education and Career Development set up by the Committee on Spatial Economy and Regional Planning which is a body of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Paulo Silva

Works at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, as professor (Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences) and researcher (research unit of Governance and Public Policies). Teaches at the university for almost two decades and at the same time his research work has been published on urban policies. He has consultancy and expertise experience for almost three decades on spatial planning at the local, metropolitan and national level. He has also been involved in the Planning and Complexity AESOP’s thematic group. He is member of the direction of APPLA (Portuguese association of planners).

Jirina Jilkova

She is a professor and Vice-rector at the University of J. E. Purkyne, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. Prof. Jilkova is also co-founder of the Institute for Structural Policies (IREAS) and CETIP Network – a research and educational network in Central and Eastern Europe. She is also Research Director of the Institute for Economic and Environmental Policy (IEEP). Her research and consulting activities are primarily in the areas of sustainable regional and sectoral policies. Her recent work has focused on economic and policy problems with respect to energy, agriculture, and regional development, mostly relying on interdisciplinary approaches to evaluation.


Maros Finka

He is a professor at the Institute of Management at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia and heads SPECTRA Centre of Excellence. Prof. Finka has participated in and led numerous research projects in the field of European spatial planning, urban development and regeneration, environmental planning and SEA. He is also widely published in books (18 monographs) and international planning journals and international scientific events (more than 200)  and is considered to be one of the leading academics in CEE countries in the field of spatial planning. He was awarded as Scientist of the Year in Slovakia. He teaches Spatial Planning, Strategic Planning, Urbanism, European Spatial Planning  and Landscape management at his home university and abroad.

Tatiana Kluvankova

She is an Ecological institutional economist with 15 years of experience in interdisciplinary research in the field ofdecision-making and environmental policy and associate professor in theory of politics.

Current research interests are strategic decision making and global changes, ecosystem service overnance, multiple methods ininterdisciplinary social and natural sciences. From 2003 she has been a partner investigator of 8  EU FMPs and several Cost Actions. She is a member of Centre of excellence SPECTRA joint cooperation of the Slovak University of Technology, Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Comenius University. Publishing and in Science, Ecological Economics, Environment and Planning C, MIT press and others.


The circle of main tutors will be extended by invited speakers.

Evelyn Gustedt

Since 1998 she heads the Scientific Department „Spatial Planning, Spatial Policy“ in the Academy of Spatial Research and Planning (ARL). She is responsible for planning related issues especially such as European spatial development processes, comparative spatial planning research, EU funded research projects, policy consultancy and international research relations. Projects funded through EU funds during former and recently elapsed funding periods like INTERREG successfully developed under her direction, e.g. COMMIN, BalticClimate. She represented ARL in the TEMPUS project RUDECO.

Michal V. Marek

He is a profesor of forest ecology, more than 30 years of experience in global change research, in particular experimental ecology of forest ecosystems, principal investigator of more than 20 EU FM projects , over 170 jornal papers, out of  78 in IF journals,  HI: 19.2 . Michal Marek is member of Swedish Royal Academy of Agriculture and Forest Sciences,  vice-president of expert group  „Global Changes and Forest Ecosystems“ Union in Forest Research Organisations – IUFRO, member of the  group of experts for  HORIZON 2020 and director of the CzechGlobe, the Centre of Excellence for The Global Change Research, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

Eva Streberova

Dr. Streberová defended her PhD on qualitative indicators relevant visitor management in Tatra national park at the Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in Bratislava. Currently she is working as a researcher at the Joint Research Centre of excellence SPECTRA of Slovak University of Technology and the Institute of Forest Ecology of Slovak Academy of Sciences. Her research interests are sustainable management, ecosystem services, tourism, wellbeing and human health. She is a project member in various national and international projects dealing with adaptation strategies to global environmental changes, ecosystem services, governance, tourism and wellbeing.


Main tutors and invited speakers will be supported by team of lectures from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava:

Dagmar Petrikova
Lubomir Jamecny
Vladimir Ondrejicka
Zuzana Ladzianska