SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU is part of STU in Bratislava, that is the leading school that educates spatial planers as well as the leading research institution in the field of spatial planning. Based on the tradition of international collaboration there is the Central European Research and Training Centre in Spatial Planning established in collaboration with the ARL Hannover, IUG Grenoble, UNC Newcastle. This centre was established in 1999 as international interdisciplinary research and training unit and its establishment and development was supported in the frame of TEMPUS-PHARE program in 1999-2001. The SPECTRA Centre was evaluated as the Centre of Excellence in 2002 by the group of international experts in the frame of the 5th FP project proposal application. Since 2013 SPECTRA has established as a join collaborative network and working place SPECTRA Centre of Excellence in cooperation with  Slovak Academy of Sciences  (Institute of Forest Ecology)  and  Comenius University (Faculty of Management).

Institute of Management of the STU is the pedagogic, research and scientific unit of the Slovak University of Technology. It is providing research and pedagogic activities in the area of spatial planning, urban development planning and management and, closely cooperating with domestic and foreign universities and other scientific and academic institutions. It guarantees the study programs and specific study courses and education modules that are related to its profile and it takes care of integration of STU capacities in management and planning study programs, interdisciplinary study programs that have the university character.


Organising committee

Prof. Maros Finka (Head of committee)
Lubomir Jamecny (Financial issues)
Zuzana Ladzianska (Coordination issues)
Martin Spacek (Coordination issues)
Vladimir Ondrejicka (Technical issues)
Representative of AESOP Young Academics


Contact information of Organising committee

SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Vazovova 5
812 43 Bratislava