TRACK 01: Planning Theory and Methodologies: Towards an 'ethics of responsibility’?

TRACK 02: Territorial Cohesion in the Multi-Actor Arena

TRACK 03: Responsibilities in Planning Education and Practice

TRACK 04: Participation and New Governance: Ethics, Responsibilities and Commitments

TRACK 05: Legal Environment for Effective (Good) Governance and Efficient (Sustainable) Use of Land

TRACK 06: Urban Design Quality and its Social Dimension

TRACK 07: Dealing with Urban and Rural Decline: Interplay of Actors and Responsibilities

TRACK 08: Planning ‘in’ or ‘for’ Multicultural Societies. Diversity, Social Justice and Democracy

TRACK 09: Energy and Space as Resources / Limits for Planning Decisions

TRACK 10: Planning in Weak Institutional Environment

TRACK 11: Planning across Borders: Transnational, International and Intergovernmental Planning and Spatial Management

TRACK 12: Responsibility for Social Cohesion in Housing, Cohousing and Neighbourhood Planning

TRACK 13: Transport Planning and Mobility Policies: Available and Affordable Transportation

TRACK 14: Responsible Economics, Economic Policies and Public Finance of Urban and Regional Interest

TRACK 15: Culture, Entertainment, Tourism and Planning: Panacea or Threat?

TRACK 16: Planning Responsibilities in the Face of Information Technology

TRACK 17: Ethics and Justice in Planning

TRACK 18: Complexity, Planning and Fuzzy Responsibilities

TRACK 19: Smart Approaches to Responsible-minded Planning Practice


TRACK linkage to the Thematic Groups