Thematic groups & Special sessions

Thematic groups

All Thematic Groups are invited to hold their meeting with their members during the Prague Congress. For this purpose, an exclusive time slot is reserved for all of them: this will be the morning of the first day of the Congress (July 13, Monday), prior to the opening session of the Congress.

Monday, July 13, 09:15 – 10:30

No Proponent
Co- organisor
Name of the Thematic group Room
TG1 Enrico Gualini Planning / Conflict 153
TG2 Giancarlo Cotella
Stefanie Duhr
Transboundary Spaces 250
TG3 Maros Finka
Ward Rauws
Complexity and Planning 262
TG4 Sabine Knierbein Public Spaces and Urban Cultures 403
TG5 Mendel Giezen Sustainable Cities 449
TG6 Claudia Basta Ethics, Values and Planning 464-5


Special Sessions

Monday, July 13, 09:00 – 10:30

No Proponent
Co- organisor
          Name of the session  Room
David Ludlow
URBIS presentation 105
S3 Michael Gunder Journal Planning Theory 201
S4 Gert de Roo In Planning 450



Planning and complexity

New technologies and planning

Planning, law and property rights

Transnational and Cross-border planning

Urban Design in Planning

Transportation planning and policy

Ethics, Values and Planning

Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies

French and British Planning Studies Group

Evaluation in Planning

Monitoring the European Landscape Convention

Sustainable Food Planning

Public Spaces and Urban Cultures