Keynote speakers

MONDAY, July 13, Bethlehem Chapel

Peter Mehlbye
Peter Mehlbye is Director of the Coordination Unit for the ESPON Programme since 2002. Before coming to ESPON, Peter worked in a Danish Ministry as Head of Unit for national spatial development and planning, regional policy and international cooperation, attached to the cabinet of the Minister. He then worked at the European Commission, DG Regional Policy, where he was involved in the conceptual development of EU regional policy, including the European Spatial Development Perspective.

By education Peter holds a master degree in Economics and a master degree in Architecture, specialised in regional development and spatial planning.
Title of the Lecture The European Territory - Policy Dynamics, Territorial Trends, Governance Challenges and Long-Term Futures?
Erik Swyngedouw
Professor of Geography, The University of Manchester Research interests: socio-economic change, politics and spatial restructuring; water: politics, economics, ecology, and urbanization; political-ecological theory and practice: nature, society and social power; politics, governance, power and citizenship
Title of the Lecture Insurgent Planners and the Spectral Return of the Political in the Post-Democratic City
Iván Tosics
Head of the Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest He is mathematician and sociologist, research fellow with long experience in urban sociology, strategic development, housing policy and EU regional policy issues.
Title of the Lecture 25 Years After: the Development Path of the “East” of Europe